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About Us

Executive Committee

Due to limited staff and financial resources, NESA Chicago relies heavily on executive committee members to “roll up their sleeves” through active committee involvement. 

If you are interested in learning more about the NESA Chicago Executive Committee and how you can be involved, please review the Individuals interested in participating on the Executive Committee should complete an and submit it to [email protected] or by mail.

NESA Chicago Executive Committee Members

Role Name Phone Email
Chairman Jac Charlier 773-266-1420 [email protected]
Vice-Chair Social Committee Bryan Young 480-779-9189 [email protected]
Vice-Chair Mentoring Committee Larry Chesler 312-649-1281 [email protected]
Vice-Chair Membership Committee Jeremy Bingman    
Vice-Chair Recognition Committee Spencer Long   [email protected]
Social Committee Member Scott Stringer
[email protected]
Mentoring Committee Member Howard "Tad" Huntington   [email protected]
Mentoring Committee Member Tom McDonough   [email protected]
Mentoring Committee Member Dr. Allen Anderson 773-213-1438 [email protected]
BSA Staff Advisor Shayna Hofmeister 312-421-8800 ext. 263 [email protected]



More Information

The following information can be especially useful for learning more about NESA Chicago or for other councils who are interested in starting their own NESA group.

Winter 2010 issue of Eagle Scout Magazine - published by the National Eagle Scout Association.

Do I have to join national NESA to join NESA Chicago?

No, you don't have to join national, and there's no membership fee to join NESA Chicago.
All Eagle Scouts are welcome to join.

  1218 West Adams Street, Chicago, Illinois 60607
  Telephone: (312) 421-8800 Fax: (312) 421-4725
Chicago Area Council, BSA General email: [email protected] 
Webmaster: [email protected]